Commissioners Court Online Meeting Information

Meeting information will be posted for upcoming meetings as they become available.

The following information, YouTube link and Participation Request form also apply to the Election Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 17, 2020.  If you have any questions on how to view the meeting or on how to address the Commission, please call the County Judge’s Office at 254-757-5049. 

If you only wish to view Commissioners' Court, you can do so from the Commissioners' Court Live Streaming service or the related
YouTube Channel.

If you wish to address the court on any given agenda date, please fill out the Commissioners' Court Participation Request Form.

Note: In order to address the Commissioners' Court on any item, please complete the online form with your contact information and agenda item or subject upon which you wish to address the Commissioners' Court prior to the start of the Commissioners' Court meeting - Submissions must be in by 8am on the day OF the Commissioners' Court Hearing.  (Submissions are not being received until the April 21st agenda is posted).

If you have requested to speak you will be called at the phone number that you have provided and be patched into the meeting at a point before action is taken or deliberations are ended on the agenda item on which you are requesting to speak.

If you wish to comment on something that is not on the agenda, provide the same contact information, except identify the topic on which you wish to speak as “General Citizen Comments”.