Special Projects

2019 Pothole Patching

Radio Tower Rd (Pothole Patching)
When we install culverts across the road at Pct. 2 sometimes the dirt on top of the culvert settles and leaves a low area in the road where the culvert is placed. We usually fill in these low areas with rerun (regrind asphalt) and pack the rerun with vibrating packing machine.

2019 Brush Chipping

 N. Pleasant Hill Rd (Chipping)
When tree limbs or trees fall during high winds or bad weather, or when limbs are being cut by Pct. 2 employees for safety reasons, they have to be ground up into mulch and disposed of properly.

2019 No Parking Signs

Old Marlin Rd Bridge (No Parking signs)
There have been numerous reports of travelers in this area parking on the Tehuacana Creek Bridge And fishing from the top of this bridge. Upon approval through Commissioners Court, No Parking Signs have been placed on each end of the bridge to prevent travelers from continuing to park and fish from this bridge. A citation will be issued for any vehicles parked on Tehuacana Creek Bridge at any time.

2019 Shoulder Reclaim

JPM Shaving Shoulders
Over a period of time, using a motor graders to grade the roads leaves ridges on the edges of the road which does not allow the water to run off of the road and into the ditch which causes soft areas on the roads edges which results in base failures to both paved and gravel roads.

2019 Shredding

Jelly’s Rd (Shredding)
Due to recent rains, the grass in the county ditches have been growing more than normal. Pct. 2 has already shredded their entire Pct. 2 times.

   Hall Dr. (Stop sign)
The sign at the intersection of Hall Dr. and Battle Lake Rd was a yield sign in the beginning, but the traffic coming from Hall Dr. toward the intersection of Battle Lake Rd was not slowing down or breaking their speed for the yield sign. Therefore the yield sign was replaced with a stop sign which requires traffic to come to a complete stop or a citation will be issued if a law enforcement official is present.

       Elm Lake Rd (36” x 36’ Culverts)
The existing 36” x 30’ culverts were starting to rust out and needed to be changed. Pct.2 is in the process of reconstructing Elm Lake Rd and these culverts needed to be replaced before the reconstruction process is completed. The new culverts are 36” x 36’. These new culverts were ordered with an additional 6 feet in length because with the existing culverts, the edges of the culverts were too close to the road edges and needed an extra 3 feet on the culverts on each side of the road.  
Large 12” x 18” rock was placed on the upstream and downstream ends of these new culverts to prevent the water from washing out or under mining the culverts.

Battle Lake Rd (Speed Limit Signs)
Vehicles have been traveling at a rate of 55 to 60 MPH down Battle Lake Rd. This is normal speed for a county road if there is no posted speed limit. During the school year, the school bus makes several stops in the mornings and evenings on Battle Lake Rd to pick up and drop of school kids before and after school. A posted speed limit of 40 MPH has been approved through Commissioners Court for Battle Lake Rd to slow the traffic for the safety of the school kids and the residents in this area.

2019 Drainage Project

 4 Mile Rd (96” x 45’ Culvert)
The recent large amounts of rainfall and water sitting inside the culvert for long periods of time has caused this large culvert (8 feet in diameter) to rust at the bottom and needed to be replaced.

                  4 Mile Rd Ditch Dipping
With the constant flow of water, sometimes the ditches start a buildup of silt, therefore causing the water to flow in a different direction which is across the county roads in certain situations. When these situations occur, the silt has to be dipped out of the ditches in order so resume normal water flow

Kubitza Dr. (4”x8”rock)

Due to heavy rains in this area the volume of water that travels down this small channel is

sometimes too large to travel through these culverts, therefore going over the road and washing the base from the downstream end of the culverts. To prevent further damage to the

Downstream side of the culverts, 4”x 8” rock has been placed on the downstream side of the

Culverts. Since this has been done recent heavy rains have not done any further damage to the

downstream side of these culverts.

2019 Inter-Local Agreement

Hall Dr. (Inter local Agreement)

Recent rains in the area has caused major flooding issues and has caused road washouts in numerous places one such place is on Hall Dr. near Trading House Boat ramp. There is a large volume of water traveling down the ditch and washed out the southeast side of the culvert. Through an Inter-local agreement, The City of Hallsburg paid for the larger 48”x 40’ culvert to replace the existing 36”x 36’ culvert and McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2 installed the culvert in order to prevent further washouts in this area.

2019 Equipment Parking Extension

 McLennan County Pct. 2

An Extension will be added to the current building for more space to place vehicles and equipment out of the weather. This building will be 75’x 75 x 16’. Rusting parts, water damage to seats of equipment and other areas of the machines is less apparent when the equipment is under a shed and out of the weather.

             Battle Yard Shed Add On

Due to the weather’s wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment, Pct. 2 decided to build a 75’ x 75’ shed extension in order to keep the equipment and vehicles from being damaged by the cold and the hot weather when they are out in the open with no overhead protection.

2019 Equipment Parking Shed

           McLennan County Pct. 2

McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2 Department has recently built a 40’x 100’x 16’ shed for the Pct.2 trucks and other equipment to be placed. Equipment that is placed under a shed or in a building tends to have less wear and tear and required a lot less maintenance than equipment that is left outside in the weather.

2019 Road Construction Projects

   McLennan County Pct. 2


Elk Rd is being reclaimed and turned to gravel before it can be chip sealed again. This section of Elk Rd between S. Vicha Rd and Pecan Hill Rd has a strong base and does not need any gravel added to it. This section of road is therefore being packed with a pad foot roller to make it solid for cars to travel until stabilizer can be added to the sub-grade and continue the road building process.


  McLennan County Pct. 2

This section of Elk Rd is being reclaimed to a depth of 8 inches to ensure that we grind to a depth that is below all of the depressions and base failures throughout this section.

            Adamek Rd (Reconstruction)

Adamek Rd is under the reconstruction process. The road edges and shoulders are being cut and pulled onto the road surface to be mixed in with the road base during the grinding process. Warning signs are in place showing that there is road construction going and there is loose gravel on the road surface and to reduce the speed to 15 MPH while traveling down Adamek Rd.

2019 Culvert Installation

   Boys Ranch Rd 18”x 30’ driveway culvert

Residents who own property along county roads have the option to purchase culverts from the

county and have them installed by the Pct. where the driveway is located.

2019 Tree Trimming Project

Coyote Run Rd Tree Trimming

When trees continue to grow along the road, sometimes the limbs grow out into the vehicles path of travel and need to be trimmed or cut back so that no damage is done to passing vehicles.

                                     McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2

                                      (Battle Lake Rd Tree Trimming Project)


   The trees on Battle Lake Rd were hanging into the road and needed to be cut back to avoid limbs hitting passing cars.

Culvert Installation Project 2019

                                   McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2

                                             (Vernal Rd Culvert Installation)

 There were concrete culverts in this driveway on Vernal Rd. The land owner wanted a wider driveway. The concrete rings were 20 feet in length. These concrete rings were removed and replaced with a 18” x 24’ tinhorn adding 4 feet to the width of the driveway.

Elm Lake Rd Gravel Project 2019

                               McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2

                                               (Elm Lake Rd Gravel)

Flexbase is placed on top of the road surface before grinding the road to ensure that there is enough rock in the sub-grade for a stronger base.

Tree Hazard Project 2019

                            McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2

                                  (Tree Removal due to traffic hazard)

Sometimes older trees have a weaker base and tend to start leaning. Saturated soils can also cause the roots to pull through the surface and the tree starts to fall toward the road. These trees need to be extracted before causing an accident.

Brush Removal Project 2019

                                McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2

                                              (Battle Lake Rd Project)

Trees are being cut back to prevent passing cars from scraping their vehicles. After the trees are cut, they are loaded into a dump trailer and hauled to Battle Yard and burned at a later date during times that the wind is not too strong and the burn ban is off.

Precinct 2 Area Clean Up Project 2019

                              McLennan County Road and Bridge Pct. 2

                                                 Cleanup Project

In the spring of 2019 Pct. 2 Road and Bridge Dept. organized a cleanup program in which the residents of Pct. 2 could bring old tires and other debris out to the Pct. 2 Yard to be disposed of. There were 3 roll off dumpsters for old couches, TV’s, and other items that the residents were wanting to get rid of. There were two 53 foot box end trailers that were used to house the tires that were brought in. This cleanup effort was successful and lasted 2 weeks.

Old Marlin Rd  - Drainage Project 2018

Sign Maintenance on Elk Rd 2018

Retreat Center Rd Patch Work 2018


2018 Elm Lake Rd Tree Trimming

2018 Bud Dr Culvert Installation

2018 Trading Post Rd Culvert Project

2018 Old Marlin Rd Drainage Project

2018 Rice Rd Bridge Project

2017 Projects

Battle Lake Rd Project

Battle Lake Rd has had significant maintenance issues, and that McLennan County has applied various remedies to improve the pavement performance.  Expansive soil swelling and shrinking is believed to be the primary cause of the poor performance, although other factors such as construction quality  should be considered.  The general purpose for this project is for Langerman Foster Engineering Company to provide pavement design and contruction recommendation options that allow the County to better evaluate the performance risks vs the initial costs of various pavement design options.  The services performed will be for a lump sum of $23,480.  This cost estimate will not be exceeded without prior approval form the Client. 





Blue Bluff Bridge was identified by Road & Bridge Precinct 2 personnel as a bridge that received extreme damage in May of 2015 due to flood waters.  During the incident period, rising and rapid flowing floodwaters in an unnamed tributary to the Brazos River south of Waco, Texas caused serious damages to rip rap protecting the south abutment of the bridge on Blue Bluff Road.  There was a loss of large (24-inch diameter) stone rip rap and the scour of soil from under the rip rap and channel bed.  Circumferential cracking at the south abutment appeared after the event from waterborne debris. 

Working with the county engineer and personnel from Emergency Management, Precinct 2 received funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist in the repairs.

This project includes all work necessary to repair the damaged bridge on Blue Bluff Road approximately 1.07 miles south of West Fredrick Street (FM-1860) south of Waco, McLennan County, Texas.

On January 17, 2017, Commissioners Court approved the recommendation from Commissioner Lester Gibson to award a contract to Beck-Reit Construction, Inc. to repair the Blue Bluff Bridge.  


Work to be performed by Beck-Reit to repair the Blue Bluff Bridge includes:  


 Replace Rock Rubble Rip-Rap eroded from channel and lock in with pumped concrete.

 Encase Support Columns with Steel Cover/Shell and Grouting to address micro-cracking in Columns.

 Excavate south approach, replace headwall, and replace base and roadway.

Past Projects 

Blue Bluff Bridge Project

Due to the deterioration of the Blue Bluff Bridge it was slated for repair for Fiscal Year 2011. The structure of this bridge was deteriorating- the approaches were dug out and reinforced. The support pylon under the bridge were washing out around the base therefore making the structure weak. Rip Rap was hauled in, placed under the bridge, lined along the apron walls and placed around the pylon about 8 feet from the bottom to the top of the pylon to strengthen the bridge. The project was started around February 18, 2011 and was completed at around April 4, 2011.

Battle Lake Bridge

Battle Lake Bridge was built due to the collapse of the 1935 box culvert structure in April of 2005. This bridge was built in cooperation with Precinct 3 and took the crew less than a month to complete.

Dulak Number 2

Dulak Number 2 Bridge was built in March 2005 and replaced due to a 5,000l pound axle limit. Original wood structure was 18 foot wide.

Old Mexia (Lucky Branch)

Old Mexia (Lucky Branch) was built in 2000, this was an under rated wood structure in need of replacement.

Old Mexia (Tehuacana Creek)

Old Mexia (Tehuacana Creek) was built in 2000, this was an under rated wood structure in need of replacement.

Kendall Lane

Kendall Lane was built in 2004, the wood decking was in need of replacement and it was only 16 feet wide. The new structure is steel, concrete, and widened to 24 feet.

4 Mile Lane Bridge

The 4 Mile Lane Bridge original structure of wood weakened by heavy farm machinery traffic and a bus route was built in January 2003.

Dulak Bridge Number 1

Replacement of Dulak Bridge Number 1 completed to reinforce structure durability due to heavy farm machinery traffic was built in May 2002.

Calvery-Eskew Number 1 Bridge

Replacement of Calvery-Eskew Number 1 Bridge completed to reinforce structure durability due to heavy farm machinery traffic.

Calvery-Eskew Number 2 Bridge

Calvery-Eskew Number 2 Bridge constructed to replace culverts and alleviate flooding and facilitate water run-off.

Rudy Bridge

The Rudy Bridge was replaced due to a 5,000 pound axle limit. Original wood structure was 16 foot wide.

Possum Trot Bridge

The Possum Trot Bridge was constructed to replace 8 foot culvert washed out after heavy rains. The culverts were washed out in December 2001.

Old Sawmill Bridge

The Old Sawmill Bridge upgraded to strengthen structure and allow for better (wider) access.