McLennan County Veteran Services


The McLennan County Veteran Services Office provides information on services available to McLennan County Veterans.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assists and interviews McLennan County veterans and their dependents to determine eligibility for state and federal Veterans Benefits
  • Assists McLennan County veterans in obtaining admission and treatment in VA medical facilities, domiciliary and long term care facilities
  • Assists McLennan County veterans, dependents, and surviving spouses in the completion of applications for federal and state benefits for areas involving pensions, disability compensation, home and education loans and benefits, available grants, community needs, burial allowances, scholarships, memorial ceremonies, hospital issues, and all other services that need professional assistance and guidance
  • Attends meetings, conferences, and seminars relating to veterans issues
  • Communicates with all elected officials on veterans issues
  • Provides information and guidance to the general public
  • Submits applications to Department of Veterans Affairs for approval
  • Visits veterans and families at home, medical facilities, and nursing homes to provide information, communicates with various state and federal social offices, consults and communicates with law enforcement agencies, VA regional offices and health care system offices and all other offices, agencies, and institutions of importance, to render advice, guidance, and assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors
If you see an available time on the calendar and would like to meet, please e-mail our office.