Justices of the Peace

JP offices are open as usual, but following the JP Order.

Civil Court Cases Forms

Be mindful of the forms selected for filing as some JPs have their own forms specific to their office.

Petition Support Forms
**Be advised that neither the Justices nor their Clerks can give legal advice.**
**For self-represented litigants, please visit the Texas Justice Court Training Center for related information.**

The rules (PDF) relating to practice before Justice Courts are found at Part V of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Basic Fees
  • Filing - $46
  • Service - $90
*Contact court clerk for specific fees.

Class C Misdemeanor
Justice of the Peace courts also adjudicate the class C misdemeanor criminal cases which are filed in their courts by the various state and county agencies, which are authorized to write citations, for example:
  • Constable's Office
  • Cosmetology Commission
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Game Wardens
  • Health and Water Departments
  • Plumbing Board
  • School Attendance Offices
  • Sheriff's Department
Other Duties
A Justice of the Peace duties also include matters such as:
  • Driver's license suspension hearings
  • Deed restriction cases
  • Disposition of stolen property hearings
A Justice of the Peace is also a magistrate and those duties include matters such as:
adult and juvenile magistrate's warnings (on all classes of criminal offenses)

  • Arraignments on class C misdemeanors
  • Magistrate's emergency protective orders
  • Signing of probable cause warrants.