Please note the additional instructions regarding the following forms:

Electronic Monitoring ("EM")

  • Defendants who have been found indigent will not be required to pay the fees for electronic monitoring and other related services, except for damages to equipment or re-connection fees following removal of the device(s).
  • A single Application for House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring must be completed (in multiple cases, 1 application with all cause numbers is acceptable).
  • An Order for House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring must be signed by the defendant and submitted for each cause number in which EM is being requested.
  • Non-indigent defendants must be prepared to pay the initial fees at the time they are granted EM.
  • Defendants on bond will be taken into custody, transported to the Provider, and held until all initial procedures are completed, including gathering of all relevant information, instructions to the Defendant, installation of the device(s), and service of the Commitment on the Defendant.
  • Defense attorneys will be responsible for delivering to the clerk the originals of:
    • The judgment and sentence
    • The EM application and order, (after copies are made by the bailiff or court staff for the monitoring agency)
    • The order revoking probation, when applicable.

Court Appointed Attorney ("CAA") Requisitions

  • Claims for initial interviews must now be submitted on the final requisition for payment. Attorneys appointed in both felony and misdemeanor cases must submit the initial interview claim to the District Court only.
  • Initial interview payment may now be requested regardless of the location of the visit, if the interview is conducted within 10 days of the notice of appointment of counsel, or if good cause is shown for the delay; however, initial interviews at the courthouse are not eligible for payment unless conducted on the date of appointment.
  • "Initial interview" means the first "in person" (video conferencing included) meeting with your client.
  • CAA's should not:
    • submit incomplete requisitions, (e. g. no printed name, no date of service rendered);
    • fail to provide sub-total amounts for "in court" and "out of court" time on itemized requisitions;
    • submit multiple requisitions for the same client in multiple cases disposed of in the same transaction.
  • indicate, when claiming a "flat fee," the total fee authorized for all cases disposed of in that transaction.
  • Identify all other cases disposed of in the current transaction, except the cause in which the requisition is being filed, in the section above the attorney certification.