BetterRxCard Prescription Drug Discount Program

McLennan County has announced a new, free prescription discount card for all McLennan County residents. The card, called BetterRxCard, provides significant savings at 30 county pharmacies, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Lynn's La Vega, HEB, Target and Brookshire Brothers, among others. This card has 2 savings features designed to help when insurance is not available for your medication, or if you want to try to reduce expense brand name drug costs.

43% Discount
The 1st way provides an average savings per prescription of $26 - a discount of 43% - on most drugs, when presented at the pharmacy counter. Simply pick up a card at a local county office (view the latest list online) and you can use it at most county-based pharmacies and 60,000 across the U.S. There is no sign-up process or membership fee, everyone qualifies, there are no limits or expiration date and it is ready for immediate use. The card may not be used in addition to insurance you may have.

The 2nd savings feature from BetterRxCard is called EquivaMeds. This is an online tool that helps you find lower cost prescription drug options to your expensive brand-name drugs - even if a generic isn't available - and then helps you work with your personal physician to see if a switch is right for you. The average savings for EquivaMeds users recently was over $60 per month.

Further Information

For more information on the BetterRxCard prescription drug discount card, call McLennan County Judge's Office, 254-757-5049.