Working For You

Since taking office in 2013 - This office has been committed to transparency and responsible stewardship of taxpayers dollars.
ISSUE:   Balance Budget                                               
Solution:    Set a goal of reserve at 25% of expenditure.   In 2016-2017 Budget Sessions this goal was surpassed due to ADA Regulations and additional Jail Standards Regulations and is now at 33%.                                            
Result:    Met that goal in 2 years time and raised the Fund Balance from 18.1% to 28.3% - exceeding goal.                                               
ISSUE:   Expansion of Electronic Monitoring                                               
Solution:    Implemented and expanded house arrest and ankle monitoring areas; of house arrest.                                       
Result:     Resulting in an average annual savings of $1,361,748; This decreases what it would have cost to feed and care for prisoners in lieu of house arrest.                                               
ISSUE:  Transportation for Low Income, Rural Residents, Seniors and Disabled                                               
Solution:    Establish the Rural Transportation District with on demand service.                                           
Result:    Client pays a $3 (in county) to $5 (adjacent county and same day one way) fare for each trip when vehicle arrives drastically increasing ridership and rides available to work, appointments, doctors etc.                                               
ISSUE: Difficulty of Access to Early Voting Sites                                               
Solution:    Consolidated early voting precincts.                                            
Result:    This change makes it possible for voters to vote anywhere while out and about rather then search for their Precinct box during early voting.                                                
ISSUE:  Balance 2014 Budget                                                
Solution:    Transfer $1.5M from rainy day funds in Road and Bridge Departments.
Result:    Balanced the budget with no tax increase required.                                               
ISSUE:  Large Trucks From Oil and Gas Industry Damaging Roads Within The County                                  
Solution:    Seek Restitution.                                               
Result:    Apply for CERTZ Grant for reimbursement for necessary improvements, enhancements and damage repairs.                                               
ISSUE:  Jail Standards                                               
Solution:    Control Costs.                                               
Result:    Maintained standard of feed and care to comply with State Commission of Jail Standards without the need for a tax increase.                                               
ISSUE: Callable Bonds                                               
Solution:    Call bonds and reduce interest rates.                                               
Result:    Tax payer saving of $893K on 2006 Series and $12,988,000.00 in interest payments on the Jack Harwell Jail Bonds.                                              
ISSUE:  Non-user-friendly, Non-informative Website                                               
Solution:    Contract with firm to rebuild website to make it a user friendly, ADA Compliant, transparent website.  Website Rebuild required for better transparency and information to the public; greater presence for Economic Development purposes.                               
Result:    Project completed in 7 months  - see                     

Will Jones standing at Czech Hall Bridge