Czech Hall Bridge 2017

We had been monitoring storm damage to the S Czech Hall Bridge for movement and damage to the southwest abutment wall and center beam. The south beam support (abutment wall) seemed to be stable, but began to crumble on the wing wall and continued to tilt. The southwest corner of the bridge began to sink approximately 10-15”.

Upon contact to TXDOT for help with replacing the bridge utilizing the off-system bridge replacement program and we were placed on the list for the program. However, even though this had occurred, the process could take 3-5 years for replacement.  We are happy to announce that the replacement bid and construction of the new bridge and paved road was pushed forward and we are scheduled to begin January 2017.

With the continued major storm events and additional movement or new fracturing expected the Engineering Department of McLennan County and McLennan County Road and Bridge Precinct 3 agreed that for the safety of our citizens, the bridge will remain closed and appropriate detours are in place, along with newly paved alternate routes. 

Work has started:
We are excited to let you know that the project is 2 years ahead of schedule. (3/17/2017)


Master Plan For New Bridge Approved