Local Cities, Schools, and Business Covid Details

McLennan County Schools' Reopening Plans from the August 4, 2020 Strategic Communications Workgroup Community Newsletter.

Waco ISD

Waco ISD will delay the start of school until September 8. At that time, the school district will offer both 100% remote and 100% in-person instruction.

Currently, Waco ISD asks all families to login and choose whether they want in-person instruction OR remote instruction at wacoisd.org/enroll. Getting an accurate count for each option is critical for the planning and preparations Waco ISD will take to keep students and teachers safe. 

La Vega ISD

La Vega ISD will begin school remotely on August 13th. For parents that choose, in-person school will begin on September 8th, if conditions allow.  For more information visit lavegaisd.org.

Lorena ISD

Lorena ISD will offer in-person and remote instruction beginning Monday, August 17th.  For more information, visit lorenaisd.net and take a look at this video from Lorena ISD.

Midway ISD

Midway ISD will begin virtual school and face-to-face instruction on Monday, August 24. For more information please visit this Midway's Safe Start Plan.