Press Release PCT. 3


Residents of Chalk Bluff,

It has always been our mission to provide professional emergency response to our community and

neighboring agencies. As some of you may know when I came to Elm Mott Fire in 2010 the department

was on the verge of closure with apparatus payments due, insurance payments due and a negative

balance in the bank account. Fortunately for us a select group of concerned citizens and business owners

within our response district stepped up to the plate and helped us regroup and restructure. It took a long

time and an extreme amount of dedication to repair the damage and financial discrepancies created by

the previous administration, but today we are stronger than ever. Throughout our restructure, I was fairly

young and inexperienced with departmental operations so I did what anyone in my situation would do, I

reached out to our neighbors in Chalk Bluff. The members of the Chalk Bluff Fire Department stepped

up to the plate and assisted us tremendously in our restructure as we built our membership, whether it be

through trainings or responding to assist us on a rollover accident at 3 AM, they answered the call

without fail. The bond that has been built over the past decade is one that I hold close to my heart and

will always be grateful for. Now the time has come for us to repay the generosity and selflessness shown

by Chalk Bluff Fire and its community.

Through many years of trial and tribulation, it has become evident that trying to repair and “rebrand”

CBVFD has proven to be a seemingly never ending effort with no relief in sight. The members of the

Chalk Bluff Fire Department should be commended for their tireless efforts to continue to serve the

community even in the face of adversity. The membership of Chalk Bluff Volunteer Fire Department

decided by majority vote to move forward with the dissolution of the organization and to turn the

response district over to Elm Mott Fire & Rescue. This was a tough decision to make and not one to be

taken lightly, however, it goes to show what the heart of a volunteer stands for, the CBVFD membership

loves this community so much that as a final selfless act of servitude the members voted to ensure the

residents of Chalk Bluff would never be without a fire department.

Elm Mott Fire will begin responding to calls within the CBVFD response area on DEC. 1, 2021 at 12:00

AM. As of this release EMFR currently rosters 7 personnel that currently live in Chalk Bluff, including

myself. We will move our personal gear to the CBVFD station. As we assess the condition of the

equipment at the Chalk Bluff station we will be temporarily move an Elm Mott apparatus to the district

as we evaluate the needs of the community and build a plan to serve the community with the highest

standards possible that people have come to expect from our organization. We intend to hold a “town

hall” meeting within the next 7-10 business days to address the questions and concerns of the Chalk

Bluff community during this transition.

Respectfully Yours,

Casey Perry,

Fire Chief/EMT-B #3601


CELL: 254-548-8577