Paving Schedule Fiscal Year 2023

Forrest Park Addition
As we conclude our 2022 Budget - we have applied $1,181,334 in construction materials to Precinct 3 roadways.  We finished our spending on 9/15/2022 with 99.7% of our allocation used. 
Our balance is $3,328.25.  

Our 2023 Budget Allocation for Road and Bridge was approved for $1.2M in construction material.  Prices for everything have almost doubled since 2022, but as stewerds of your tax dollars we strive to maintain our 263 road miles and continue to work up new road surface to eliminate all gravel roads in the Precinct.

FY 2023 is off to a rolling start with prep work for: Patton Branch, County Line South, Cervenka, Weinberger and many more. 

We will be making modest repairs to Kirkland Hill Rd. and in the Forrest Park Addition of Elm Mott.  (Although these areas need complete grinding and replacement of base materials, the budget currently does not allow for the necessary overhauls. We are working with grant opportunities for future work.)

Minor repairs to surfaces in the Forrest Park Addition were necessary to make the roadways passable.  We are working with Elm Mott Water to monitor the completion of new water and sewer lines in the area before repaving the entire addition.