Please note: Misdemeanor court dates will no longer be entered on the bond. The word 'instanter' must be entered as the court date.

Notice of Change: Re: Bond Submissions

Effective: April 1, 2006

Beginning April 1, 2006. you will be required to submit an additional copy of the bond to the Bond Clerk in order for the defendant to be given a copy of his/her bond. The copy must be clearly stamped in red ink "Defendant Copy". You must present the original, the copy, and the money order to the Bond Clerk at the same time. Our department will provide a copy to the defendant through March 31, 2006.

Re: Additional Information Required on Bail Bonds

Effective: January 11, 2006
  1. Amount of bond must include the word "dollars"
  2. Court (if misdemeanor) must show "County Courts at Law"
  3. Town of appearance must also include state

Notice of Change: Re: Notarization of Bail Bonds

Effective: January 5, 2006

Due to the fact that the jurat on each bail bond attests to more than just the genuineness of the surety's signature, the notarization must be made on the same date as the bond is made. This is being required by our legal counsel.