Fugitive Apprehension Program

The following were placed on community supervision in McLennan County.  Since being placed on community supervision, they have absconded from community supervision and have warrant(s) for their arrests as of October 24, 2019.  If you know any of the individuals listed on this website and/or know where they are, please contact:

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

(Please see helpful links for phone numbers to local agencies.)

David Johnson
Absconder Apprehension Community Supervision Officer

McLennan County CSCD
Main number 254-757-5070
McLennan County CSCD

Please take a moment to check the photos of some of our current absconders.



Hailee Daniel Reily
Felony-Possession of a Controlled Substance, to wit: Methamphetamine
DOB:  05/19/1999
5'4       140 lbs.

Hailee Reily

Theresa Ann Ortega
Felony-Possession of a Controlled Substance, to Wit:  Methamphetamine
DOB:  03/13/1975
5'3 155 lbs.

Robert Anthony Martinez
Misdemeanor-Possession of Marihuana of two ounces or less
DOB: 08/19/1996
5'3 130 lbs.

Theresa Ortega
Robert Martinez

David Salazar
Felony-DWI with a Child Passenger
DOB:  11/25/1980
5'01 150 lbs

Sherrieul Johnson
Felony-Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence Count I
Felony-Credit Card Abuse Counts II and III
DOB:  01/31/1981
Female-African American
5'2 280 lbs.
David Salazar
Sherrieul Johnson
Jose Javier Santana
DOB:  04/09/1991
5'5 195 lbs.
Donshae Vershon Satchell
Felony-Sexual Assault of a Child-Count II
Male-African American
DOB:  04/10/1996
5'8  160 lbs.
Jose Santana
Donshae Vershon Satchell
Joseph David Arias Jr.
Felony-Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
DOB:  01/05/1997
6'0  225 lbs.

Joseph David Arias Jr
Jessica Renee Wiley
Misdemeanor-Criminal Mischief
DOB:  10/27/1993
5'1  175 lbs.

Jessica Renee Wiley