Paving to be Scheduled

Paving & Overlay to be Scheduled  (rev. 9/8/21)

Precinct 3 currently has 26 gravel roads remaining, they are as follows: 
  • Adair Drive
  • AJ Muska Road
  • Beavers Road
  • Bell Road 
  • Cervenka Road
  • County Line East (West)
  • East Country Line (East 2)
  • Fajkus Road
  • Four Brothers Road
  • Fuller Hill
  • Half Pint Road
  • Hejl Lane (North)
  • Holy Road
  • Kirkland Hill Road
  • Knust Circle
  • Liberty Grove Road
  • Marovec Lane
  • Mazanec Road (to be paved Fall 2021)
  • Monthie Road (East)
  • Mynar Road (North)
  • Patton Lake Rd.
  • Rainer Lane 
  • Rice Creek Road (2)
  • Trlica Road (East)
  • UrbanRoad
  • Weinberger Road (East)
These roads will be scheduled for paving, based on a score derived from the number of residents, road conditions, traffic patterns, available budget and other considerations. We look forward to working with you in the future and are happy to answer any questions regarding the score of your road.