Attention Attorneys!  [June 5, 2020]

Please check the current local rules and the supplemental rules regarding adjustments to scheduling pleas and revocation hearings, special handling of "time-served" pleas, and related procedures!

In addition, please note that the plea packets for probation pleas now have the Probation Department data sheets included.  These are normally completed with probation following pleas; however, during these unusual times, because it is essential to minimize personal contact and facilitate the prompt departure of probationers from the Courthouse, until further notice, in all cases in which probation is being requested, completion of this form by the Defendant in advance of the plea and inclusion of the form with plea paperwork will be mandatory.

Coronavirus Announcements! 
     [March 16, 2020]

Due to factors beyond our control, and in an effort to comply with directives and recommendations from the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the County Courts at Law are adopting these temporary responses, effective through April 3, 2020.
The weekly Arraignment and Disposition Dockets will be cancelled until April 8, 2020.  All cases scheduled during the interim will automatically be rescheduled four (4) weeks later.
The District Courts will not be qualifying jury panels until April 6, 2020, so all jury trials scheduled during the interim will be rescheduled.  Attorneys are encouraged to communicate with opposing counsel and the Court Administrator to agree upon a new date; otherwise, the Administrator will select a date for you.
Cases scheduled on the Revocation Docket during this period may be rescheduled without the Judge's approval, regardless of the prior number of resets if  1) the Defendant is represented by counsel, and  2) the Court has not indicated that no further resets will be granted, that the Defendant is to be tested, or any other notation that requires the Defendant to appear.  Otherwise, the weekly Revocation docket, Jail Plea docket, Plea docket, Pro Se docket, Pre-Trial docket and civil proceedings will take place as scheduled.
Special circumstances, such as Defendants in jail or traveling from distant locations, will be given consideration on request.  If you are ill, please do not come to the Courthouse.  Please do not bring clients, witnesses, support staff or others who are ill or have been in contact with someone infected with the corona virus to the Courthouse.  A simple call to the Court Administrator will suffice.
No one with the County Courts at Law is foolish enough to believe these measures will prevent the spread of this disease, but by taking precautions, we can slow its spread and help avert the impact on both our health care system and our society's ability to self-govern effectively.  Thank you for understanding and working with us.

January, 2020  Court News!

Necessary changes have been made to some essential forms, and new forms have been uploaded to the website.  Please delete any downloaded forms you have saved on your hard drives and use only the updated forms from the website!

Jail Docket

Select this link to receive an update on jail docket procedures

Jail Docket Advisory - May, 2017

Court Appointed Counsel

Current advisory for CAA's -  Please read this!

CAA Advisory - June, 2017