How to Vote Using the eSlate™

You will listen to the ballot through headphones that have volume control on the cord. Instructions are available as needed.

If you have a question while voting, just press the inch-long horizontal “help” button twice and a poll worker will come.

  1. Each time you turn the wheel at the lower right clockwise you will feel a click. This triggers the audio for each line of the ballot. Keep turning until you hear your selection. You may turn the wheel counter-clockwise to go back and repeat a line.
  2. Press the large enter button to the immediate left of the wheel to mark your choice. You can change your selection at any time.
  3. Listen to the summary page at the end to verify you voted as intended.
  4. Press the round Cast Ballot button at the far left to finish the voting process.
When finished, you will hear a message thanking you for participating.