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Commissioner Precinct 1 Feedback

  1. Contact Commissioner Precinct 1

    Submit Feedback to McLennan County Commissioner Precinct 1.

Health Services

  1. Right to Control Disposition Waiver

    McLennan County Health Services Right to Control Disposition Waiver

Human Resources Forms

  1. Employee Acknowledgement

    Form used to capture Employee Acknowledgement of reading the Employee manual.

Information Technology

  1. IT Policy Manual Acknowledgement

    Acknowledgement Form For IT Policy Manual

McLennan County Adult Probation

  1. McLennan County Adult Probation Feedback

    Anyone wishing to report concerns regarding incidents that they believe might be technical violations of probation may do so by... More…

Pre-Trial Services Form

  1. Attorney Form

    Form for attorneys to be able to log in and report their visits/contact with defendants.

Sheriff Office Forms

  1. Anonymous Human Trafficking Reporting

    This form is an online submission of information pertaining to criminal behavior, terrorism, labor and sex trafficking. Information... More…

  2. Registration
  1. PREA Reporting

    This form is an online submission of information pertaining to the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Information submitted on this form... More…

Status and Acknowledgement Forms

  1. Payroll Status Form

    Initial payroll status form that is submitted to HR from the department head, elected official, or their approved department... More…